eLab Suite

A new research tool, created by eLabNext, is now available at UNMC. It is hosted on-premises in the secure UNMC Datacenter, and currently comprises two components:

After an in-depth search for a comprehensive ELN solution for UNMC, eLab was chosen for its ability to facilitate research, process, analytic development via series of data, sample, protocol, equipment, supply management and reporting tools. Scientists at UNMC carry out a broad range of research, resulting in highly innovative experimental systems, data, and discoveries. Making our work efficient and effectively documenting the results are key in making progress. To facilitate these accomplishments, we chose this software due to four important aspects: security, efficiency, accessibility, and compliance.

New Accounts

Laboratories who are interested in using the eLab suite can submit the new eLab account request form. The initial request must be completed on behalf of the primary PI for the laboratory. After the lab's account is setup, the PI can assign additional users (students, postdocs, staff, etc) to their eLab instance.


While there are costs associated with eLab, when compared to the existing costs for paper lab notebooks, concerns of students/staff leaving with data, and the difficulty in looking up projects in old notebooks (and deciphering the writing), many laboratories are finding eLab to be well worth the price. Fees for using eLab will become effective starting January 1, 2022, and user fees will be charged yearly. Fees will be charged at $115 per user, per year.


UNMC, in partnership with eLabNext, is hosting a three-part series of training sessions in the Fall of 2021. These videos will be posted to the eLab training page as they become available. Additional training information can be found on the eLabNext website.

Features & Questions

Additional details can be found on our features page, by viewing eLab's product page, or by contacting rito@unmc.edu for more information.