REDCap usage and fee policy

REDCap is an important resource for collection, management, and analysis of research data. UNMC’s REDCap service is accessible to all of our faculty, staff, and students. Research IT Office (RITO) staff support the REDCap infrastructure such as server maintenance, data backup and long-term storage. RITO also provides technical support for investigators that require project assistance to create their database or other customizations on a fee-for-service basis.

UNMC REDCap fee policy:

With the financial support and sponsorship from VCR, Business &Finance, IDeA-CTR and COM, Effective Jan 1st, 2023, the Research IT Office (RITO) uses the new fee policy below for all UNMC REDCap users. Please note that RITO reserves the right to determine whether technical services are covered by the sponsors or not.

The sponsored REDCap services with no charge to UNMC users:

The billable ($60/hour) REDCap services examples:

New recruits who want to transfer projects in from another institution, or planning a new grant application, should contact RITO to establish the cost of that transfer or support so that can be included in their start-up cost or the grant budget.

RITO can provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for small to large scale or multi-year projects. An SLA could include a multitude of services (custom programming in REDCap, custom report writing, integrating with other registries, dedicated programmer time, business hours service and support to the project, and others, depending on your needs). Contact us here for details.