REDCap Training:

1) REDCap Basics
Getting started & Building a Project; Cost, Policies, Roles, and Responsibilities.

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2) Surveys 
Survey design, queue, single or multiple survey projects, introduction to branching logic, and managing participants for surveys.

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3) Longitudinal Projects
Longitudinal studies, repeatable events, scheduling modules, managing participants for longitudinal studies.

4) User Rights Management
Rights management, data access groups for multi-site projects, project roles

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5) Project Management

Please note it is user's responsibility to delete the unwanted projects. Please download all the data before you use guidance below to delete your project.

Project Deletion:
Login UNMCREDCAP, click on ‘My project’, click on the project you want to delete. Click on the tab “Other functionality” on top of the right panel, then click on the pinkish red button “Request delete project’ (or ‘delete the project’ if project is in development) in the midsection ‘Data Management’.  Please make sure you download all the data you need before deletion. Please do not “Mark project as completed”, this will archive the project and disable the deletion option.

6) Special Features 
Branching logic, calendar, data dictionaries, importing and exporting data, constructing reports

7) REDCap Projects – Special Features
Data quality, data resolution workflow, locking records, and randomization

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Other training videos are available within REDCap:
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Below REDCap classes can be presented on an on demand basis provided we have enough participants.

8) REDCap Apps & SMS Messaging - On request basis. Contact: 
Mobile, off-line REDCap, and On-line REDCap

9) Data Queries, Dynamic SQLink & Ad Hoc Reporting - On request basis. Contact:

10) Advanced Features - On request basis. Contact:
Auto-validation, calculated fields, file uploading, branching/skip logic, and survey stop actions

11) REDCap API & Piping - On request basis. Contact: