UNMC LiveGreen: Eco-friendly smartphone apps

by Carolyn Schaefer, UNMC LiveGreen | July 16, 2013

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Want to be environmentally friendly in your everyday activities, but don't know where to start? Looking for some easy ways to help the planet while improving your health?

Use your smartphone to decrease your carbon footprint! LiveGreen has done the work for you by finding eco-friendly apps that are also friendly on your wallet (in other words, free.):

Available on iPhone & Android:


  • Search for recycling locations by category (type of item); and
  • Learn what is recyclable in your area and where to take it.


  • Find local community-supported agriculture, farmer's markets and farms; and
  • Learn what foods are in season in your area and discover corresponding recipes.

Walk Score

  • Calculate the "walkability" of any location; and
  • Find maps and photos of nearby restaurants, parks and more.


  • Decrease unwanted junk mail simply by sending a picture of the mail you no longer wish to receive.


  • Search for consignment clothing for kids, teens and women; and
  • Filter by category, price, brand, color and more.


  • See how your everyday activities impact the planet.

Available on iPhone:

Do it Gorgeously (Green)

  • Watch how-to videos by Sophie Uliano; and Recipes for non-toxic products for beauty, pets, home and more.


  • Learn how much water it takes to produce the products we use; and
  • Calculate the amount of water consumed performing daily activities.


  • Crush digital cans to track your recycling efforts; and
  • See the amount of carbon you have saved and the equivalent in trees planted.


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July 16, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Great resources! Didn't know half of these existed! Thank you!