UNMC to train trainers in cultural competency

August 15, 2003

The UNMC Community Partnership office is offering cultural competency training to UNMC and UMA employees who are willing to provide training to their colleagues.

Why cultural competence training?

Following the successful completion of the Chancellor's Environmental Assessment, the Executive Cultural Competence Development Committee continues with Phase II of the Cultural Competence Initiative. We are very excited to move forward with a Training of Trainers course in Cultural Competency.

Who can apply to become a trainer?

UNMC AND UMA employees

What will the training consist of?

We are seeking UNMC and UMA employees who are willing to undergo an intense training module in Cultural Competency taught by Valda Ford, director of Community Partnership. At the end of the training sessions, participants will be evaluated for their level of readiness.

When and where will training be held and what is the time commitment for the training of trainers?

The training of trainers module will consist of an off-campus two-day retreat in August and three 1-day sessions between September and November- locations to be announced.

What happens after completion of training?

Upon successful completion of the cultural competency training of trainers module, participants may be asked, based on their availability, to assist in providing cultural competency training/education to the faculty and staff at UNMC and UMA.

How much training will be offered to employees?

A series of educational sessions in cultural competency will be held across the campus for UNMC and UMA employees. Sessions will be offered at varied times of the day on multiple dates to accommodate scheduling needs of faculty and staff.

Who to contact

If you are interested in becoming a trainer, e-mail Linda Cunningham at Lcunning@unmc.edu (559-2156).