UNMC LiveGreen: Green U award winners announced

by Melanie Stewart, UNMC LiveGreen | January 21, 2014

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The recipients of this quarter's Green U Awards have been recognized by their coworkers multiple times in the same category over the past quarter for their commitment to environmentally sound practices at home and work.

The awards are given in four categories -- Innovation and Implementation, Volunteering, Education and Promotion, and Waste Reduction.

This quarter's awardees were:

  • Innovation and Implementation: Pat Wortmann
  • Volunteering: Saralyn Fisher
  • Education and Promotion: Staci Peters
  • Waste Reduction: Julie Sommer

This quarter's group has again set the bar high. Sommer was awarded six Green U's last quarter, a new LiveGreen record. She was instrumental in the new recycling bin project and helped get the word out to campus during Spirit Week. She also led the Tree Campus USA application/service learning project, and volunteered her personal time to help with events.

Not to be outdone, Fisher is our first two-time Green U winner. She was honored last year and in the last quarter has done it again. She is always willing to help at LiveGreen Scenes and other events, and for that we thank her.

Wortmann is receiving his first Green U award. If you didn't know this already, he did a lot of the legwork to make it possible for this campus to collect and recycle single use/alkaline batteries. He and his coworkers are still checking out bins and picking up batteries. Did you know they already have more than 200 pounds?

Peters rounds out this group nicely. She was honored for multiple actions -- closing the fume hood sash in the lab, recycling, and encouraging others to be concerned about the environment. It is amazing how one person performing a few "simple" actions and then telling people about it can have such a big effect.

Do you know of an employee who engages in environmentally friendly activities? If so, send them a Green 'U' and you may read about them in an upcoming story.

To recognize a "green" coworker:

  • Log in to Employee Self Service.
  • Select "Reward and Recognition" and then "Green U Rewards."
  • Fill out and submit the online form.


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