Lookin' at U - Matt Anderson

June 26, 2014

picture disc.
Matt Anderson
Each Thursday, we randomly feature a medical center employee. This week, we learn more about:

  • Name: Matt Anderson
  • Hometown: Omaha
  • No. of years at UNMC: Six this August

Tell us a bit about what you do here at UNMC.
I am a programmer/analyst/data manager in the College of Public Health. I use various programs to develop data collection and data housing applications for studies all across campus. I create the application for data collection or entry, manage the data throughout the study, and write programs to get the data from whatever source the study may be using into a useable file for our biostatisticians to analyze.

A commitment to excellence is one of UNMC's brand values. Tell us of a time you witnessed a person or group committed to excellence at UNMC.
Being in the Center for Collaboration on Research and Design, I have the privilege of working on projects for investigators across campus in all of the colleges. To witness the positive impact these studies have had or will have on Nebraskans, and even people all across the country, means to see the commitment to excellence that so many people across campus exemplify. Being involved in so many different, important projects from start to finish makes it hard to narrow it down to a specific example. I see commitment to excellence on every project with which I am involved.

What is your favorite summer activity?
Golf is definitely my favorite summer activity. I don't get to go as much as I'd like to or I used to. The more kids we have, and the more coaching responsibilities I take on, the more rare my golf outings are. I also love coaching my son's flag football and baseball teams and attending as many College World Series games as I can.

List three things people may not know about you.

  • I am the proud father of four kids: three boys (ages 7, 18 months and 2 months) and one girl (age 5). They certainly make life hectic, but they are the best things that have ever happened to me.
  • My wife and I will be celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary later this year with (what else?) a trip to Disney World for the kids.
  • I am not looking forward to our return from Disney World, since I will be getting spinal disc fusion surgery about a month later.


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Aleta Gaertner
June 27, 2014 at 11:36 AM

What a pleasure to learn more about you and your family, Matt!