LiveGreen: Reduced fares, increased impact

by Kimberly Rothgeb, LiveGreen | July 01, 2014

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I stood in front of vending machines, trying to talk myself into getting something healthy instead of chocolate. I reached into my pocket to find that I only had 50 cents. I looked at my two quarters, scanned the vending machine and realized that my 50 cents wasn't going to buy me anything I wanted.

So I got to looking around. What could I buy with 50 cents? Through eShop, I could purchase one box of paperclips or two AA batteries for my lab. I could buy one stamp to mail a letter. I could get all the way from my house to work.

WAIT. WHAT? My commute into work is 12 miles and now I can do that for 50 cents. How is that possible?

For the month of July, the Omaha-Council Bluffs Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA) is working with Omaha Metro Area Transit (Metro) to offer bus fares for only 50 cents (regular price -- $1.25). Transfers are still 25 cents each.

Think the bus doesn't go where you live? Recently Metro sent out a passenger survey. Due to the results of that survey, Metro is increasing service. Click here for more information about the upgrades.

How does riding Metro help the environment? Ground-level ozone is affected by heat and certain emissions, especially during the hot summer days.

MAPA has some simple things that we can do to limit emissions, especially during the hottest parts of the day.

  • Leave your car at home and bike, walk, carpool, or ride the bus to work.
  • Do you break a sweat while putting gas in your vehicle? Wait to fill the tank until dusk or nighttime.
  • Don't go past the 'click' at the gas pump. Stopping when you hear the click is better for your engine and reduces ozone-forming fumes.
  • Limit use of gas powered lawn equipment during the hottest part of the day.
  • Put caps and lids on paints, solvents and cleaners - the fumes from these items are ozone forming.
  • Turn off your vehicle if you are going to be idling for 30 seconds or more; idling for 30 seconds will use just as much gas as shutting off and restarting your engine.

By following these simple steps and riding the bus, you can take "Little Steps" to make a "Big Impact."


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