Laboratory Information System down Sunday

August 01, 2014

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The Sunquest Laboratory Information System (LIS) will be down for approximately eight hours beginning at 8 a.m. Aug. 3. This upgrade is required to bring the system up to the most current version and to meet Meaningful Use requirements.

During this time, the laboratory system will be completely unavailable and all lab interfaces will be down. No orders or results will be crossing during this time. Downtime procedures should be used.

Please note the following instructions:

  • All early inpatient lab specimens that morning should be collected and sent to the lab as early as possible so they can be analyzed and reported prior to downtime.
  • Continue to enter orders into One Chart during the LIS downtime.
  • Send a downtime form with all specimens.
  • Routine orders for patients should be ordered and collected early.
  • Routine orders will not be collected or processed during the LIS downtime to ensure faster recovery time.
  • Send-out orders will not be collected or processed during the LIS downtime to ensure faster recovery time.
  • All stats and timed lab draws during the downtime must be put on downtime order forms and called to the phlebotomist station at 2-3364 for the main lab, or (402) 763-3202 for the Bellevue Medical Center.
  • Room numbers must be on the downtime orders to receive results.
  • Critical results will be called per protocol.
  • Results will be faxed and should be kept until LIS is back up and results have crossed to One Chart.
  • Check fax machines for results regularly. (Check that fax machines have paper. For Bellevue, results will be tubed to the floors.)

For Blood Administration:

  • One Chart will be unavailable for scanning. Please use downtime protocols.
  • Document everything on the transfusion tags.

During the Sunquest downtime, the results of testing performed on interfaced Point-of-Care devices (Nova StatStrip glucose meters, Clinitek UA, Abbott i-STAT analyzers and ITC Hemochron) will not post in OneChart.

  • Please follow downtime procedures.
  • Continue to download the glucose meters and other devices as usual during the downtime.
  • All Point-of-Care results will post once the maintenance is complete and the system is functional.


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