Committee will foster emphasis on mentoring

by Kalani Simpson, UNMC public relations | August 05, 2014

Image with caption: Jeffrey Baldwin, Pharm.D., professor of pharmacy practice and pediatrics, is a member of the mentoring committee.

Jeffrey Baldwin, Pharm.D., professor of pharmacy practice and pediatrics, is a member of the mentoring committee.

The creation of an eight-member mentoring committee is the latest step in UNMC's continued effort to enhance and sustain the career success of faculty through a renewed emphasis on faculty mentoring.

It will work toward creating a campus atmosphere in which junior faculty are assisted with the facilitation and attainment of individual career goals, professional development, increased job satisfaction, long-term faculty retention, improved work-life balance and prevention of faculty burnout.

A handful of committee members shared why they joined the team:

  • Jeffrey Baldwin, Pharm.D., professor of pharmacy practice and pediatrics: "I annually volunteer to help conduct a youth leadership camp, where we teach a roadmap for the successful acquisition of leadership skills and accomplishment of tasks. At this time, there is no similar formal process at UNMC for new faculty and key staff to give them the edge on being successful -- I am honored to be included as the College of Pharmacy's representative."
  • Shannon Boerner, M.D., assistant professor of internal general medicine: "As an early career clinician-educator, I am part of a group that historically struggles to find mentors. However, I have benefited immensely from a capable, efficient peer mentoring group that I co-founded two years ago. I hope to bring my experiences and budding expertise to the committee and in turn to the campus."
  • Darwin Brown, assistant professor of physician assistant education in the School of Allied Health Professions: "A few years ago I was asked by a new faculty member to be a mentor. I felt totally unprepared and didn't believe I fit that role or could provide what the individual was seeking. I declined the request to help, and I have regretted that decision ever since. Until recently, UNMC has not offered much in the way of mentoring skills, and so when asked to participate, I thought, what better opportunity to develop skills in this area so vital to our academic community."
  • Marlene Cohen, Ph.D., Morehead Endowed Chair of Nursing: "I owe whatever career successes I have to my early mentors, and have been so fortunate to have continued mentors throughout my career. . I feel very strongly that I need to pass along guidance and help now."

Other committee members include:

  • Sheila Ellis, M.D., associate professor of anesthesiology.
  • Howard Fox, M.D., Ph.D., professor of pharmacology and experimental neuroscience.
  • Lina Lander, Sc.D., associate professor of epidemiology.
  • William Johnson, D.D.S., professor of dentistry.

For more on the committee or mentoring, contact Rowen Zetterman, M.D.