Implementation science grant writing workshop

by Elizabeth Kumru, UNMC public relations | August 08, 2017

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A grant writing workshop on implementation science to encourage pilot and scholar applications for the Great Plains IDeA-CTR will be held Aug. 14 and 15 in the College of Public Health. The deadline to register is today.

Translating Effective Interventions into Practice: An Interactive, Pragmatic Workshop for T3-T4 Research will help scientists develop and refine ideas for grant proposals that focus on dissemination and implementation research.

Keynote speakers are:

  • Russell Glasgow, Ph.D., research professor, family medicine, international leader in implementation science, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver; and

  • Samantha Harden, Ph.D., assistant professor, Graduate Program Faculty, Virginia Tech Institute, Blacksburg, Va., and early career implementation scientist and RE-AIM Workgroup Member.

They will be joined by several local speakers with expertise and experience getting funding for this type of research, said Paul Estabrooks, Ph.D., Harold M. Maurer Distinguished Chair of the Department of Health Promotion. "It's going to be a great chance for folks new to this area to refine some ideas and start to pull together a competitive grant proposal in dissemination and implementation research."

Pre-clinical and clinical translation is known as T1 and T2. At the other end of the spectrum, testing new treatments and preventive medicine approaches in typical clinics and communities as well as moving science into policy, system, and environmental changes - known as T3 and T4 research - is less well defined and funded. It is arguably also the type of research that communities and community advisory boards can have the greatest impact.

The event is sponsored by: CENTRIC (Center for Patient, Family, and Community Engagement in Chronic Care Management), The Great Plains IDeA-CTR and the College Of Public Health. Cost for the workshop is $150.

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