Retirement reception set for Karen Foster

January 03, 2018

picture disc.
Karen Foster
The McGoogan Library will host a reception in honor of Karen Foster on Thursday, Jan. 4, from 2:30-4:30 p.m. on the 8th floor of McGoogan Library of Medicine (Wittson Hall).

Foster, acquisitions technician for the McGoogan Library, will retire from UNMC on Jan. 4 after 40 years of service.

Foster joined UNMC in February 1978. Her work has focused on acquiring library materials and supplies. During her time at UNMC, she has personally handled every book purchased for the library's collection.

"Karen has served an integral role for the McGoogan Library of Medicine during her many years of service," said Emily McElroy, director of the library. "As the person responsible for ordering books and journals, she has seen firsthand how libraries have shifted from print to an electronic environment. Everything from what and how we order collections changed during her time."

The campus is invited to attend.


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