UNMC's impact: State biosciences industry

February 21, 2018

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Editor's Note: UNMC's impact on Nebraska is immense.

You see it in the faces of the doctors, nurses and pharmacists we train. And, in those who pursue careers in dentistry, allied health, public health, or research.

picture disc.It plays out when graduates return to rural communities to keep the pharmacy open. Or, start new practices that help patients obtain health care close to home.

UNMC's work brings pride to a state that champions success.

So, in this year of tight Legislative budgets, let's remind ourselves of how UNMC, along with all of the University of Nebraska campuses, impact the state.

And then acknowledge that the work we do matters.

Over the next few weeks, we will share stories on how UNMC makes a difference. We can't begin to know every story, so feel free to add your own "impact" stories in the comments below, or share them with UNMC PR via unmcpr@unmc.edu.

State biosciences industry relies on educated workforce

Bio Nebraska is an association of 70 innovative Nebraska bioscience companies -- human and animal health, drugs and pharmaceuticals, ag processing and chemicals, medical devices and labs -- ranging from small, emerging organizations to large multinationals.

Nebraska's biosciences industry is sizable, growing, and diverse - but one commonality, Bio Nebraska executive director Phil Kozera said, is the need for a highly educated workforce.

"The University of Nebraska is critical to the growth of our industry because of the talent pipeline that's coming through your doors," Kozera said.

Nebraska's biosciences industry accounts for more than 15,000 jobs and more than $2 billion in economic impact, according to Bio Nebraska. And, it's grown by almost 7 percent since 2007.

"We have a statewide footprint," Kozera said. He estimates some 45 percent of biosciences industry is located outside of Lincoln and Omaha.

That means folks from rural communities, or who want to live there, have access to high-wage, professional careers.

But that's only if the university continues to serve as a "tremendous resource."

If not?

"As opposed to a growing industry, we'd likely see one that contracts," Kozera said.

Impact stories:
See more stories of UNMC's impact statewide here.


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Virgie Powers
February 21, 2018 at 11:00 AM

These impact stories are important to all of us, as after time we tend to take the University of Nebraska for granted. When I clicked the link for other impact stories I was truly surprised at the multitude of directions and the lives of Nebraska citizens impacted. Just yesterday I read an article in US News & World Reports (May 2017) about Nebraska being one of the top 10 affordable places to live. I feel an educated populace that remains in the state is a big contributor to that statistic. I sincerely hope our politicians have their vision restored from the current myopic condition. Thank you for these articles.