Re-Imagining U events set for March

March 05, 2018

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Re-Imagining U is fully underway for the spring semester with more events to highlight for March.

Re-Imagining U is one development opportunity for all UNMC and University of Nebraska at Omaha employees. For information on how to use Re-Imagining U, visit the website or call Diane Kortus with any questions at 402-559-8955.

Here are two of the development opportunities coming up this month:

Safe space training (two-part event)
March 15 and 20
Consult catalog for times and locations
Re-Imagining U partners with the University of Nebraska at Omaha to offer this two-part training program. LGBTQIA experts from UNO's Gender and Sexuality Resource Center will present training on LGBTQIA Basics (March 15) and Active Ally Training (March 20). Both UNMC and Nebraska Medicine participants may join the inaugural session to examine how to customize this training to meet the needs of the med center campus.

Service from the inside out
March 27, 2-3 p.m.
Consult catalog for location
Bravium, consultants with considerable experience on building successful organizations, will help participants learn to maximize internal interactions and individual goals, allowing participants to work smarter, not harder, in this time of process evaluation, teamwork and budget creativity. Participants will learn how to provide great internal customer service skills through appreciative inquiry.

For information on the courses available to ALL UNMC and UNO employees, click here to access the Course Catalog for spring 2018. Registration is now offered via a new survey.


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