New system for annual performance evaluations

by Carmen Sirizzotti, UNMC Human Resources | March 06, 2018

UNMC requires that management annually evaluate, in writing, the performance of each employee. Performance shall be judged on the basis of productivity, effectiveness, and overall value and contribution to the department and to the university.

This year, online performance evaluations, due on June 15, will be housed in UNeVal, a new stand-alone system. The online performance evaluation process and the performance evaluation remain the same as when performance evaluations were housed in ADIS.

Please review the NU Values Online Performance Evaluation web page. This web page provides guidelines for employees and evaluators (supervisors). In addition, this page provides a sample online performance evaluation, performance evaluations core values and annual performance appraisal guidelines.

Employees whose performance evaluation was completed in ADIS in FY 2015-16 and/or FY 2016-17 may access their evaluation in UNeVal by clicking "My Evaluations."

Managers/supervisors who completed employee evaluations in ADIS in FY 2015-16 and FY 2016-17 may access performance evaluations in UNeVal by clicking "Evaluator Report," then selecting past evaluation fiscal year (e.g.: for FY 2015-16 select "2015") and then clicking "Go."

Evaluators will see any available evaluations for them to complete/take action in profile summary. Refer to the "Assigned Employee Evaluations" section. To open evaluation, click on the "Open Form" button located after "Requires your input."

UNeVal link is available in Quick Links under "E," Employee Performance Evaluations (UNeVal) or "P" Performance Evaluations for Employees (UNeVal) or under "U" UNeVal -- Employee Performance Evaluations.

If you have any questions contact Carmen Sirizzotti.


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