Faculty members share UNMC memories

April 23, 2018

A total of 140 faculty members, celebrating service milestones of either 40, 30, 20, 10 or five years, will be recognized during the Annual Faculty Meeting on April 24 at 4 p.m. in the Durham Research Center Auditorium.

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Philip Bierman, M.D. J. Bruce Bavitz, D.M.D.
Below, three 30-year colleagues share their favorite UNMC memories.

J. Bruce Bavitz, D.M.D., professor & chair of surgical specialties, College of Dentistry
"My fondest memories involves working with myriads of bright, motivated and dedicated students, residents and peers. We perform world-class research and clinical care, and still most days manage to have some fun in the process. I was honored to receive some teaching awards along the way and proud of what the department and college is able to accomplish."

Philip Bierman, M.D., professor of hematology/oncology, College of Medicine
"I have been incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by dedicated and talented members of the Nebraska Lymphoma Study Group. I have four colleagues who, like me, focus on the treatment of lymphoma. We see patients from around the country who have difficult and complicated problems. I enjoy the fact that I can walk down the hall and knock on the door and get help with almost any of my patients' problems."

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Richard McDonald, Ph.D.
Richard McDonald, Ph.D., professor and vice chair, academics in biochemistry and molecular biology, College of Medicine
"My most rewarding experience at UNMC was the first realization that my teaching was having an impact on my students. My early teaching experiences had produced a myriad of bad evaluations, including the comment from a medical student that, 'he might be a good teacher someday.' So I kept trying, and one day in 1993 a letter came in the mail (yes, on paper) that I was invited to attend an event at the Alumni House involving teaching awards. I went, thinking that one of my colleagues must be getting an award that day. When I arrived, a student from my graduate biochemistry class greeted me at the door and insisted on sitting next to me during the event. I was surprised and honored to receive a teaching award that day, and I only later realized that the student was my nominator. I was so stunned that I cannot recall hardly anything else that was said that day, much less what I said in my acceptance speech. I sure hope I said 'Thank you!'"


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