China Pharmaceutical University Students Complete Research Training at UNMC

by Matthew Mitchell
May 15, 2018

Image with caption: Ziling Zhao presents the research that she completed in Dr. Aaron Mohs's lab.

Ziling Zhao presents the research that she completed in Dr. Aaron Mohs's lab.

Three China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) students completed a four-month research training program at UNMC. They are the second cohort of undergraduate students to come to UNMC for this program, which matches them with researchers in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department. They presented their research at a ceremony on May 11.

Ram Mahato, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department opened the ceremony. "This program is a good opportunity for undergraduate students from China Pharmaceutical University and other major universities in China, and for all of us at UNMC," he said. "It is a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and for you to experience research at labs here at UNMC." Dr. Mahato earned his undergraduate degree from China Pharmaceutical University. He interspersed his comments with some remarks in Mandarin.

Zhiyu LU, who worked with David Oupicky, Ph.D., presented "Nanoparticle for Targeted Drug Delivery in Inflammatory Bowel Disease."

Dexuan KONG, who worked with Dong Wang, Ph.D., presented "PK/BD Study of Dexamethasone Prodrug in a Lupus Nephritis Mouse Model."

Ziling ZHAO, who worked with Aaron Mohs, Ph.D., presented "In Vitro Exploration of Hyaluronic acid-Conjugated Dyes of Endocytosis Predicts the in vivo Biodistribution Pattern."

Dexuan, Zhiyu, and Ziling will return to China to receive their bachelor’s degree.

After their presentations, Jane Meza, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Global and Student Support at UNMC and UNO gave comments. "I am very impressed by the work you have accomplished during your time here," she said. "However, we do not see this as the end. Rather it is just the start of your relationship with UNMC. We hope that you will consider returning as research collaborators and that you will be ambassadors for UNMC."

The collaboration between UNMC and CPU began with David Oupicky, Ph.D., developing research collaborations with CPU after receiving the Changjiang Scholar award in 2015. In 2016, a high-level delegation from CPU, including President Maode Lai, visited UNMC and signed an agreement to initiate student exchange and pursue research collaborations. At the same time, UNMC hosted the 7th Annual Joint Research Symposium on Drug Discovery and Delivery, which included research presentations by faculty from UNMC, CPU, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Additionally, a number of CPU alumni are working toward their PhD and PharmD degrees at UNMC with the support of the China Scholarship Council.


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