AAHC spotlights UNMC's E-Learning efforts

by John Keenan, UNMC public relations | July 09, 2018

Image with caption: Dele Davies, M.D., senior vice chancellor for academic affairs

Dele Davies, M.D., senior vice chancellor for academic affairs

UNMC's innovative E-Learning program has been spotlighted by the Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC) in a case study on training health care providers of the future titled "Creating Interactive, Engaged Interprofessional Health Science Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age Through the Use of E-Modules and Flipped Classrooms."

The case study, written by Dele Davies, M.D., senior vice chancellor for academic affairs, Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., and other UNMC faculty and staff, highlights the key success factors at UNMC as being:

  • "strong institutional leadership and financial commitment,"
  • "identification, training and deployment" of talented faculty and staff,
  • "focus on improving attitudes and building needed support structures" and
  • "attention to analyzing the impact of changes made."

The Association of Academic Health Centers' mission is to lead its members as they transform, adapt, and thrive in the changing health care landscape-including thought leadership, programs, policy development, advocacy, meetings, publications, and research and analytics.

"During the past five years, UNMC's dedicated and innovative faculty, staff and instructional designers have teamed up with innovative and tech-savvy students from all our colleges to create hundreds of interactive e-learning modules for just-in-time learning, as well as several modules that are now being routinely used in courses using a flipped classroom model," Dr. Davies said. "Success of the program is noted in part by the 28 percent of faculty participants who have received local, regional or national awards due to their module creation. This is another example of UNMC leading the world in education."

UNMC is currently collaborating with the University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Education on developing e-learning modules to support high school science teachers in Nebraska and beyond. The next round of applications to create UNMC e-learning modules will be in the fall of 2018.

UNMC's E-Learning Program began in 2014. Since that time, 214 e-modules have been created through the funded program and 211 e-modules have been created outside of the program, for a total of 425 e-modules. (See the E-Learning Gallery.) In addition, 28 percent of faculty participants have earned awards, funding or recognition as a result of the e-modules.


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