Brandon Grimm, Ph.D., named to public health leadership role

by Elizabeth Kumru, UNMC public relations | July 20, 2018

Image with caption: Brandon Grimm, Ph.D.

Brandon Grimm, Ph.D.

Brandon Grimm, Ph.D., has been named the new associate dean of practice of the College of Public Health. The appointment, which was effective July 1, was announced by Dean Ali S. Khan, M.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Grimm will take on new responsibilities in addition to his current role as the interim director of the master's programs and associate professor of health promotion.

"Dr. Grimm is a respected leader in our college, throughout the university system, and in our communities and has a strong dedication to public health and the growth and success of our college," Dr. Khan said.

"His expertise is critical in preparing the next generation of public health practitioners, maintaining and enhancing our relationships with current public health leaders and in maintaining our momentum in becoming a world-class public health institution," he said.

Dr. Grimm was instrumental in the recent redesign of the college's curriculum to reflect a more practice-based emphasis. The new curriculum will be implemented this fall.

"Our students need a brand new set of skills as they move out into the community -- policy and data analytic skills. We need to be sure that they are ready," Dr. Khan said.

Dr. Grimm, who has been at UNMC for nearly 15 years, has spent most of his time building mutually beneficial partnerships with the public health workforce throughout the state and region.

"I have had the privilege to witness the growth of public health in this state and work with amazing practitioners who ensure the conditions so that we can all be healthy," Dr. Grimm said. "I am thrilled to take on this new leadership role. It shows commitment to public health practice from UNMC, the college and Dean Khan. I look forward to working together to strengthen our practice portfolio for our current and future workforce."

Dr. Grimm's responsibilities in the new position include:

  • Oversee and lead the office of public health practice and continue to assure the office's sustainability through grants, contracts, and service agreements.
  • Expand innovated practice-based research opportunities that expand the COPH funding portfolio.
  • Build new and sustain and enhance existing relationships with practice partners and the college to build mutually beneficial and trusting partnerships.
  • Develop, oversee, and implement capacity development opportunities, student field placement opportunities, community-based collaborative projects and technical assistance for practitioners throughout the state, region and nation.
  • Track and monitor all initiatives in the college that enhance academe and practice partnerships to advance the development of the public health workforce through a commitment to practice-based research, education, service and professional education and training.
  • Educate faculty, staff and students on public health practice and assure that faculty are using practice-based principles in their teaching and research.


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Kay grant
July 20, 2018 at 4:01 PM

Congratulations, Dr. Grimm! We are so lucky to have you in this new role!!!

July 20, 2018 at 2:46 PM

Congratulations, Dr. Grimm!

Janet Rogers
July 20, 2018 at 10:19 AM

Congrats, Brandon!!

Tom O'Connor
July 20, 2018 at 10:07 AM

Congrats to Brandon -- a great ambassador for the COPH!