iEXCEL's Holographic Diamond arrives on campus

by Karen Burbach, UNMC public relations | November 09, 2018

Image with file name: Diamond1108.jpg

As a preview of "what's to come" for the Interprofessional Experiential Center for Enduring Learning (iEXCEL) in the Davis Global Center, the Dreamoc™ Diamond has been installed in the Sorrell Center Commons Area on the second floor.

Showcased during KANEKO's recent REALITY exhibition, this diamond-shaped holographic display is one of the largest mixed reality displays ever built. The Dreamoc™ Diamond will ultimately move into the new Davis Global Center where it will welcome and inform students, faculty, staff and visitors about iEXCEL as they enter the third floor via the walkways from the Sorrell Center and the Lauritzen Outpatient Center.

Opening in 2019, the Davis Global Center will house a wide range of simulation and visualization technologies that will provide extraordinary opportunities to innovate in teaching, learning, training and research.

Some examples of the technologies coming in 2019 include:

  • Holographic Theater -- the first ever in an academic setting.
  • iEXCEL Laser CAVE-5 (the first five-sided laser-based, fully immersive CAVE environment). Watch delivery of the CAVE to the Davis Global Center.
  • A variety of simulated environments such as a home environment, simulated ambulance bay, birthing suites, emergency room, operating room and intensive care unit. Learn more about the Davis Global Center.


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