Psychology fellow increases adult services available

by John Keenan, UNMC public relations | December 18, 2018

Image with caption: Lisa Neitzke, Ph.D.

Lisa Neitzke, Ph.D.

Lisa Neitzke, Ph.D., is completing a fellowship in the Munroe-Meyer Institute Department of Psychology, focused on providing behavioral health care to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Keith Allen, Ph.D., director of psychology at MMI, said the fellowship specifically was created for a person with experience in working with adults, a point of emphasis for the Institute as it continues to serve clients and families across the lifespan.

Dr. Neitzke, who started the fellowship in August, trained In Nebraska and has a degree in school psychology, as well as experience at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Her focus, Dr. Allen said, will be helping adults who are trying to transition -- whether into independent living, or functioning well in employment settings. She also will work with families and caregivers trying to figure out how to meet a client's behavioral health needs, as well as group home managers, extended family home providers and individuals themselves.

"Problem behaviors could include stealing, physical aggression, property destruction, the destructive behaviors that get in the way of everyday life," she said.

"Dr. Neitzke also conducts the evaluations necessary to apply for developmental disability services through DHHS."

"Most people only have school verifications, and the state doesn't accept a school verification as a diagnosis."

She also will do functional behavior assessments.

"There's a great need across the state to serve adults, and Munroe-Meyer's mission is to provide transformative services to all individuals with disabilities," Dr. Neitzke said. "I feel a great deal of support, and I've had referrals from other departments within MMI, across UNMC and from within the community. There's a great need, but we're not sure if everyone is quite aware of the services we provide."

People are aware that there is a need for services for adults, and Dr. Neitzke is excited to help Munroe-Meyer Institute meet that need. "This has been a need for quite a long time," she said. "A lot of times people get discouraged and think, 'I can't find an adult provider; they're not out there.'"

With the addition of the fellowship and Dr. Neitzke, the MMI Department of Psychology is working to address the need, and to let people know that help is available.

"Dr. Neitzke is a wonderful addition to our program," Dr. Allen said. "We're excited to be able to expand our services to address adult populations in particular as MMI continues in its mission to provide services across the lifespan."

Call 402-559-5730 for appointments or call 402-559-6408 to talk with Dr. Neitzke.


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