Changes Coming to Voalte phones

by Nebraska Medicine | January 07, 2019

It's been more than seven years since Nebraska Medicine adopted Voalte iPhones for its inpatient health care team. Now, it's time for an upgrade at Nebraska Medical Center. The upgrade involves a move to iPhone 8 and a new phone number.

Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 15, each Voalte number will begin with the new area code of 531 and a new prefix of 557. For example, 531-557-0001. The upgrade also will require 10-digit dialing.

"This transition aligns with our strategic goals and allows for additional functionality," said April Junker, lead, Nebraska Medicine clinical informatics department. "That includes standardization of alarms, use of photos, multiple role assignments and better device tracking."

Bellevue upgraded to iPhone 8 in October. Some other key changes with this go-live include:

  • Increased visibility of users
    • Each user is visible by name
    • Ability to find users across campuses (Bellevue and Nebraska Medical Center)
  • Patient room assignments on the device
  • Improved inventory management of devices
  • Alarm and alert notification standardization
  • Improved group messaging features

Colleagues will be trained to enter the full 10-digit number when paging, to help reinforce this change. A list of key Voalte numbers, including new nursing lead phone numbers for each unit, can be found on the phone directory on NOW and by clicking Voalte Key Phone Numbers.

If you have questions regarding this change, contact Shiva Bhagavatula, project manager, Nebraska Medicine Office of Projects and Initiatives, at 402-559-6052.

"The implementation of iPhones and the new 10-digit number is an important first step in improving and developing a unified communication platform for Nebraska Medicine," said Dawn Straub, executive director, Nebraska Medicine nursing professional practice and informatics department.


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