CRNA Week Spotlight: Tiffany Olson

by Danielle Beebe
January 20, 2019

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Editor’s Note: National Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Week is Sunday, January 20, through Saturday, January 26. To celebrate, the Department of Anesthesiology is featuring various CRNAs with unique personal and professional stories.
Like many, Tiffany Olson, associate director of nurse anesthesia, unexpectedly found herself on the path toward a CRNA career.
Olson was in her second undergraduate year studying nursing and was working as a student nurse tech in the operating room. She noticed the anesthesia providers continually monitoring the patient throughout the surgical procedure, ensuring the patient was comfortable and asleep for their operation. This level of hands-on patient care piqued her interest.
"I can honestly say that I did not even know that CRNAs existed until that moment," Olson said. "I was surprised and excited to find out that the provider I was watching was part of the field of nursing."
This discovery pushed Olson into the field of Advanced Practice Registered Nursing. She joined Nebraska Medicine in May of 2010. She quickly impressed in the field, earning many leadership opportunities. In addition to holding the associate director of nurse anesthesia role for the past three years, Olson also chairs the CRNA hiring committee, onboards new employees, and serves on the quality assurance committee.
Olson credits much of her recent success to the Department of Anesthesiology’s inspiring leadership, dedication patient care and innovative education. Her appetite for responsibility is a result of her drive to keep Nebraska Medicine a leader in the healthcare field.
"I am truly proud when I say that I am a CRNA at Nebraska Medicine," Olson said. "I believe that statement is associated with prestige that stems from experience with complex cases and critically ill patients. We have knowledge of current anesthesia practices, cutting edge research, experts available for consultation and adequate equipment to provide the best care for our patients."