Random Acts of Kindness Week set for Feb. 11-17

February 08, 2019

UNMC will celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week next week with the theme "Healing with Kindness."

The theme recognizes the UNMC iTEACH value "Healing: Show the empathy you feel. Be selfless in caring for patients, one another and the community."

Launched in 1995, Random Acts of Kindness Week is an annual opportunity to unite people around the world through kindness. This year, RAK is observed Feb. 11 through 17, capping off the week with Random Acts of Kindness Day on Sunday, Feb. 17.

During the week of Feb. 11-17, employees are encouraged to find ways to recognize acts of kindness they see other employees performing. To get started, the UNMC Department of Human resources on Wednesday sent an email announcing the upcoming "Random Act of Kindness Week."

On Monday, all employees should receive a letter via campus mail explaining the campaign with an "Instant Award Card" enclosed. The Instant Award Card is for UNMC faculty and staff to give away to another employee when they witness them performing a random act of kindness. The recipient may then redeem the Instant Award Card at the People are Everything website for points and prizes.

The cards will expire and must be redeemed no later than Feb. 23. To redeem a card, go to People are Everything, click on the "Instant Award Card" tile on the dashboard and enter the code printed on the back of the card.

One Instant Award Card per employee is provided to give away, but employees may redeem (until they expire) as many as they receive.

Want to recognize more people? People are Everything has created a special "Random Acts of Kindness" eCard for unlimited use to recognize ongoing acts of kindness. Available peer-to-peer (P2P) points may be used with RAK ecards.

If you have any questions or issues accessing People are Everything, please call 800-535-5690 to speak with a representative.


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