Employee engagement survey opens March 25

March 14, 2019

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On March 25, all regular UNMC employees will receive an email invitation to participate in the 2019 Employee Engagement Survey. The survey consists of 55 questions and will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Employees at UNMC have completed the engagement survey on a biennial basis since 2002. This vital tool is used to help discover the organization's strengths and opportunities for improvement. The 2017 engagement survey was postponed to evaluate the survey process and assess the increased functionality of a new survey instrument from Engage2Excel. Additionally, UNMC and UNO are partnering to deliver the same engagement survey to employees on both campuses at the same time.

The survey opens on March 25 and closes on April 5. It will be administered by Engage2Excel, using its RESPECT engagement survey platform, developed by Dr. Jack Wiley.

All regular employees, at 0.5FTE and above, are eligible to complete the survey. Employees will receive a survey invitation via email on March 25 with a link to the survey.

How will we protect your confidentiality?
Employees can be assured that, because we are using a third-party vendor, no individual responses will ever be shared. Engage2Excel will tabulate and analyze the data and provide a summary report to UNMC.

What does the survey measure?
The RESPECT survey is an industry-leading survey framework based on 30 years of research and the surveys of millions of employees. The survey will measure what employees really want in the areas of Recognition, Exciting work, Security, Pay, Education and career opportunity, Conditions, and Truth.

UNMC wants to learn and understand how employees feel about the workplace conditions that influence performance, loyalty and emotional connection to the organization. Knowing what we are doing well and areas of opportunity for improvement helps UNMC with action planning for solutions that make the work environment the very best for everyone to succeed

As we have with the results of past engagement surveys, we will use the information gleaned from the survey to develop new programs and improve on existing programs and processes. For example, previous engagement survey responses indicated employees wanted more reward and recognition and development opportunities. People are Everything and Re-Imagining U are programs that were developed in response to that feedback.

Survey Champions:
This year, 65 "Survey Champions" have volunteered to help raise employee awareness of the survey and to increase the response rate. Our goal is to have an 80 percent completion rate this year. Prizes will be given to the department with the highest response rate.

Participation, as well as honest and candid feedback about UNMC work experience working are integral to the success of the survey. Employees are strongly encouraged to take the survey, since the greater the participation, the more able UNMC will be to understand and address the issues that most influence employee engagement, motivation, performance and UNMC's overall success.


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