Workshop to focus on beginning to save for retirement

July 10, 2019

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The UNMC Benefits Office will be hosting a 60-minute TIAA retirement training, "The Starting Line -- Beginning to Save for Retirement" on July 24 from noon-1 p.m. Attendees are invited to bring lunch.

There's no time like the present to save for the future. Sometimes it's hard to think about retirement when you're just starting out in your career. The truth is, that's when thinking ahead can do the most good.

It all starts with some practical knowledge. TIAA's workshop leader will help you get ahead of your retirement saving with some tools and information employees can use right now, such as:

  • Learning the real effect of time on money thanks to compounding and dollar cost averaging;
  • Understanding debt and how to manage it; and
  • Seeing how budgeting can find money and help you save it.

Registration is required. Unfortunately, this presentation will not be recorded or broadcast. To register, log onto UNMC Employee Services, click on the "Education" tab and then on "Register for Training." Under "Available Events," search "Retirement." Click on "The Starting Line -- Beginning to Save for Retirement." On the right-hand side, complete the required information and click the "Register" button.


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