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By Tom O'Connor, UNMC Public Relations | July 23, 2019

Image with caption: Claudia Barthold, MD

Claudia Barthold, MD

There can be lots of stress in taking care of patients, but probably no medical specialty encounters more stress on a daily basis than emergency medicine physicians.
In a large trauma center such as the one at UNMC/Nebraska Medicine, every day for the ER physician is filled with split-second decisions that can mean life or death for the patient.

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"Dr. Barthold was an excellent program director. Under her guidance, the emergency medicine resident program ascended to a higher level. She is very thorough, diligent and reliable and is someone that we can always count on in the GME Office." 
Chandra Are, M.D., associate dean for graduate medical education for the UNMC College of Medicine  

With nearly two decades in emergency medicine, including the past 13 years at UNMC/Nebraska Medicine, Claudia Barthold, M.D., is only too familiar with the rigors of emergency medicine.
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It’s what she thrives on. "I love taking care of everybody and everything -- especially in that critical first hour," she said.
Since 2007, Dr. Barthold has been a key player in the emergency medicine residency program, serving as assistant director for three years, associate director for three years, and as director for the past six years.
She stepped down as residency program director on July 1, and Chad Branecki, M.D., associate professor, took over as program director.
"I think the change is a really good thing," Dr. Barthold said. "Dr. Branecki has been assistant and associate director of the residency program for the past 10 years. It’s time for a breath of fresh air."
Under Dr. Barthold’s direction, the three-year residency program in emergency medicine grew from eight residents per year to 11 residents per year.
"It was phenomenal that I was able to interact with these amazing people," Dr. Barthold said. "Each class had its own personality. The biggest compliment I could give the program is that every one of our graduates is still an actively practicing emergency medicine physician with multiple graduates now in leadership positions in emergency medicine across the country."
Dr. Barthold said being program director for the residency program played to her best strengths. "It combined my passion for education with being detail-oriented - making sure that all the regulations pertaining to residencies were followed."
Although stepping down as residency program director, Dr. Barthold will continue to serve as vice chair of education for the department, a post she started in 2018.
In this this role, she will be responsible for faculty development, overseeing medical students rotating through emergency medicine during their clerkships, and providing educational opportunities for residents.
"It’s an amazing place to work," she said. "I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given and for the tremendous mentorship of Drs. Michael Wadman and Lance Hoffman."


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