Funding aims to increase global perspectives

September 06, 2019

Image with caption: Jane Meza, Ph.D., associate vice chancellor for global engagement

Jane Meza, Ph.D., associate vice chancellor for global engagement

The University of Nebraska is looking to add more global perspective to its curriculum.

A new funding opportunity encourages faculty to increase global perspectives in their on-campus courses and programs, offering nine awards across all campuses in the 2019-20 academic year.

"More than 70% of University of Nebraska students do not participate in a formal education abroad program, and it is important that these students be exposed to global themes, regional histories and perspectives, foreign languages and literatures, and disciplinary insights from different regions of the world," said Jane Meza, Ph.D., associate vice chancellor for global engagement. "Such experiences are essential in order for students to develop a global mindset and the skills they need to contribute meaningfully in our rapidly changing and globalizing world."

The funding opportunity is open to assistant, associate or full professors, as well as professors of practice and senior lecturers, who have been employed by any University of Nebraska campus for at least two years.

The awards are not intended for courses that are offered abroad as part of an education abroad program. A single application process will be used in 2019-2020 across the University of Nebraska and applications will be reviewed through a competitive process. The maximum budget available for any course is $5,000.

The deadline for submitting proposals is Nov. 6. Proposals should be sent to See more information here.


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