First United Way drawing winners announced

by Kelsey Scroggin, UNMC public relations | November 11, 2019

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The first drawing for UNMC United Way campaign participant prize winners was held Friday.

The winners were:

  • Cindy Salyards: $25 VISA gift card
  • Carolyn Nussrallah: $25 VISA gift card
  • Matthew Zielinski: $25 VISA gift card
  • Gail Paulsen: $50 VISA gift card

As of 4 p.m. Friday, UNMC achieved:

  • Donations of $65,358.
  • Employee participation of 20 percent.

Ending Day 5 of UNMC's United Way Campaign, here's how the participation levels stack up by college or unit:

  • Academic and Student Affairs: 39 percent
  • Business and Finance: 26 percent
  • Chancellor's Unit: 58 percent
  • Child Health Research Institute: 64 percent
  • College of Allied Health Professions: 63 percent
  • College of Dentistry: 5 percent
  • College of Medicine: 15 percent
  • College of Nursing: 48 percent
  • College of Pharmacy: 24 percent
  • College of Public Health: 28 percent
  • Eppley Institute: 28 percent
  • Facilities Management and Planning: 45 percent
  • Human Resources: 23 percent
  • IT: 14 percent
  • Munroe-Meyer Institute: 24 percent
  • Research: 20 percent

To participate in supporting the United Way:

  • Click on this link and sign into eServ.
  • Enter your UNMC username and password.
  • Click on the red United Way link and participate today!
  • Credit card donations are accepted.
  • A "no-pledge" option is available online for employees who choose not to donate. If you're unable to contribute, you still are encouraged to access the ePledge website and submit a "no donation" response. A "no donation" response counts toward total employee participation.


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