Conflict of interest disclosure forms available Jan. 20

January 13, 2020

The 2020 Annual Disclosure of Financial Interest will be released on Jan. 20.

Individuals who are required to complete this disclosure will receive an email notification on that day that will include a link to complete the online disclosure questionnaire. The deadline for completion is March 31.

The following personnel are required to complete the annual electronic disclosure:

  • Faculty members (excluding volunteer faculty);
  • Non-faculty directors, administrators and above;
  • Research personnel, excluding:
    • Graduate assistants;
    • Graduate research assistants;
    • Research assistants;
    • Research technologists I and II; and
    • Research technicians I and II unless otherwise assigned.
  • UNMC signature authorities under Executive Memoranda 13 & 14; and
  • Contracting personnel in Sponsored Programs Administration, Procurement and UNeMed.

If the individual completed the 2019 Annual Disclosure of Financial Interest, the 2020 disclosure will auto-populate with the answers given in 2019. The respondent will navigate through each question and determine if the previous answer provided is still appropriate. The respondent can then use this answer, edit the answer, delete the answer and/or add additional information where applicable.

There is one new question this year that pertains to remuneration from foreign entities or individuals. This may include (without limitation) research grants and contracts, consulting fees, speaking honoraria, reimbursement for travel-related expenses, donations of research equipment and materials, use of other property or business relationships, regardless of the financial value of such funding or payments.

The completed questionnaires will be reviewed by the UNMC Compliance Department. Potential conflicts of interest will be reviewed by the UNMC Conflict of Interest Committee, Institutional Review Board (for human subject research) and UNMC Business and Finance (when applicable), and management plans will be developed.

The signed COI management plans are sent to the administration to distribute to the individual, the administrator/division chief (if applicable) and the department chair. The Institutional Review Board, Sponsored Programs and Business and Finance (Business Conflicts of Interest) also receive a copy of the signed management plan.

The Application to Engage in Outside Professional Activity is also available electronically in the COI-Smart system for respondents to complete for any outside professional activity (see UNMC Outside Employment Policy No. 1049).

If respondents or supervisors have any questions, please contact Sara Ward, UNMC Compliance Manager, at 402-559-3784.


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