Denim for Disabilities kicks off Jan. 20

January 15, 2020

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UNMC's Denim for Disabilities fundraiser will run from Jan. 20 to Feb. 14 this year.

The event, which is subject to approval by supervisors, allows UNMC employees to wear jeans to work in return for a donation. (Supervisor approval is mandatory because many areas have dress codes in which jeans cannot be worn.)

The event raises money for the recreational therapy program at the Munroe-Meyer Institute, which provides activities on Thursday nights for adults with developmental disabilities. Hundreds of families benefit from these services each year.

With supervisor approval, employees can purchase a "Denim for Disabilities" sticker and wear jeans. The cost is $1 for each day the employee wishes to wear jeans. The fundraiser will run for a total of 20 work days.

Contact Diane Pickering by email or at 402-559-4711 for information on how to set up "Denim for Disabilities Days" in your department and obtain stickers.

Those who already have a designated casual dress day can contribute by donating $1 and wearing the sticker.


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