42nd Street to close Saturday between Dewey, Emile Streets

by Melissa Hoeman, Nebraska Medicine | May 05, 2020

Image with file name: Closure050520.jpg

People working at UNMC or the Nebraska Medical Center on Saturday, May 9, or otherwise driving on 42nd Street, should take note of a scheduled closing.

From 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., 42nd Street will be closed in both directions from Emile Street to Dewey Avenue so that a crane can install an air handler for Williams Science Hall on the campus.

To access the surface parking lot at Clarkson Tower or park in either Lot 5 or 6 garages, drivers will need to approach from the north.

Emile Street (and the Lot 50 garage) will be accessible from the south or from Saddle Creek. Dewey Street near the Emergency Department remains closed due to the surge tents, so 44th Street cannot be used as a detour from Farnam Street.


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