Nominations open for Catalyst for Education Award

May 19, 2020

Image with caption: Nominations are open for the Catalyst for Education Award.

Nominations are open for the Catalyst for Education Award.

Nominations are open for the Catalyst for Education Award, sponsored by the UNMC Interprofessional Academy of Educators, which will be presented at the UNMC Premier Education Event on Aug. 20.

The award recognizes an individual in an educational support role whose contributions have been integral to furthering the educational mission at UNMC. Recipients of the Catalyst for Education Award are team members who are vital to the success of the educational mission, promote a premier environment, and ensure success of all trainees.

All full-time UNMC staff members with one or more years of service, whose primary responsibility is to provide educational support, are eligible. (Previous award winners are eligible to receive the award again five years after the original recognition.)

Faculty members are not eligible for this award.

The nomination period closes June 30.

Finalists may be contacted to provide additional information.

Nominate someone.

Only one nomination form needs to be submitted per nominee. However, multiple letters of support are permitted when there are multiple nominators for one nominee. (When writing letters of support, please use specific examples keyed to the ITEACH values.) In these instances, please send additional letters of support to the Interprofessional Academy of Educators. If you have questions, call 402-559-9244 or email the Interprofessional Academy of Educators.


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