Spotlight on new faculty - meet Oluwatoyin Asojo, Ph.D.

January 30, 2006

Oluwatoyin Asojo, Ph.D., assistant professor of pathology/microbiology, is among the many new faculty members on the UNMC campus.

picture disc.Name: Oluwatoyin Asojo, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant professor of pathology/microbiology

Specialty: Structural biology

Doctoral degree: University of Houston, Houston, Texas 1999

Postdoctoral: Research Assistant Professor, Eppley Cancer Institute, UNMC; Intramural AIDS Targeted Antiviral Program Fellow, National Cancer Institute, Fredrick Maryland; Postdoctoral Fellow, Structural Biology Program, National Cancer Institute, Fredrick Maryland

Honors and awards: 2006 University of Nebraska at Omaha Woman of Color Award - Science & Technology; 2005 Keystone Symposia scholarship; 2005 NCI-NIH Career development award, 2004 Gladys Pearson Fellowship in Pediatric Cancer.

Additional academic achievements: NIH funded since 2005; Collaborator and consultant George Washington University Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative

Professional societies: American Chemical Society, IUPAC, AACR, ACA

All UNMC departments are encouraged to send information on new faculty members to UNMC Today at Using the above format, please include the person's title, specialty, previous position(s), medical degree, residency, fellowships and memberships. Also include their clinic hours and a phone number for patients interested in making an appointment. Faculty photos are welcome.