UNMC releases fall 2020 academic calendar

June 01, 2020

Image with caption: Dele Davies, M.D., UNMC senior vice chancellor for academic affairs

Dele Davies, M.D., UNMC senior vice chancellor for academic affairs

Pending approval from the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, UNMC has released its academic calendar for the fall 2020 semester, with Aug. 24 as the first day of classes for the majority of students.

The semester will run from Aug. 24-Dec. 4, although some courses and clinical rotations may differ. Finals week will be Dec. 14-18. The campus will remain flexible, as the semester begins at UNMC, Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., said.

"Our highest priority remains the safety of our students, faculty and staff as well as those of the community that we serve everyday," Dr. Gold said. "We are constantly looking for innovative ways to strengthen out academic programs and at the same time optimize the safety of the Med Center family."

Where possible, consistent with academic goals and accreditation requirements, particular courses, labs, clinical experiences, field experiences, internships, athletics, performances or examinations may be offered remotely following the Thanksgiving holiday. This adaptation in academic scheduling may provide greater flexibility and reduce the need to travel back to campus following the holiday. Approval will be at the level of each individual dean and likely will vary greatly.

"As has been the case even prior to the pandemic, the UNMC academic calendar significantly differs from those of other University of Nebraska campuses in order to meet program needs," said Philip Covington, Ed.D., assistant vice chancellor for student success. "We are continuing to explore possibilities as we prepare for the fall semester."

"We want to maintain flexibility," said Dele Davies, M.D., senior vice chancellor for academic affairs. "UNMC has responded innovatively to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and even as we release these dates, faculty and students should be assured that the university will be prepared to adapt if the situation changes. Our primary goal is to ensure that our students receive the tools they need to succeed and complete their studies in a timely manner."

The University of Nebraska at Omaha, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and University of Nebraska at Kearney also have released their academic calendar.


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