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June 12, 2020

UNeMed rant will create Medical Device Prototype Pipeline project

UNeMed recently secured a $50,000 SHARPhub grant to create the Medical Device Prototype Pipeline project.

UNeMed - the technology transfer and commercialization office for the Omaha campuses of the University of Nebraska - will identify projects with potential as health care products that can form the basis of a startup company. UNeMed will then work with the Machining and Prototyping Core facility to create and test working porotypes for those technologies, moving them another step closer to patients and health care providers. The Machining and Prototyping Core facility is housed within the Center for Research in Human Movement Variability at UNO's Biomechanics building.

"The great thing is this funding stream will allow us to pull together all these great resources for several projects that just need that little push," said Michael Dixon, Ph.D., president and CEO of UNeMed. "Combining the prototyping experts from UNO together with the entrepreneurial resources at UNeTech should result in the kind of translational projects that can help drive a new biomedical industry in town."

Retirements announced

An employee who has been with UNMC for more than 36 years was among the four retirements announced this month by the UNMC Department of Human Resources. Susan Tyrrell of the McGoogan Library of Medicine joined UNMC on Aug. 8, 1983. Her last day will be today, June 5. Other announced retirements included:

  • Linda Spellman, Eppley Institute, retired May 30 (start date Oct. 22, 1989)
  • Michael Crawford, Ph.D., retiring July 1 (start date July 1, 2000)
  • Sabrina Okwumuo, UNMC College of Dentistry, retired May 20 (start date April 4, 2001)


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