Blue light phone downtime scheduled

June 22, 2020

Image with file name: BlueLight062220.jpg

An upgrade to the blue light phones at the med center will occur Friday, June 26. This will cause a downtime period when the phones will be inoperable between 7 p.m. until midnight on that day.

Out-of-order signs will be placed on the phones during the downtime.

VOIP phones will remain operable and should be unaffected. They are the phones that should be relied upon for areas in this upgrade to reach UNMC and UNO Department of Public Safety.

Analog, digital and the blue light phones being upgraded are listed below.

  • DGC Emer Blue Light
  • EMER 20 LOC SE
  • EMER 22 MSC NE
  • EMER 17 LOT 36
  • EMER 29 TEI
  • EMER 18 SLC SE
  • EMER 34 Lot64
  • EMER 13 NW 40/Emile
  • EMER 20 Lot 20
  • EMER 8 ADC
  • EMER 14 LOT 15E
  • EMER 33 Lot63
  • EMER 26 HIC 16U
  • EMER 19 LOT 16
  • EMER 28 HIC 16L
  • EMER 35 LOT 15 CTR


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