UNMC Invent-a-thon goes virtual

by Kacie Baum, UNMC strategic communications | October 08, 2020

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The annual Invent-a-thon, an educational outreach event aimed at high school students, is returning and looking for teams.

The event, sponsored by the Leon S. McGoogan Health Sciences Library, will run virtually from Nov. 2-10, with final judging taking place on Nov. 11.

Teams will compete to address a real-world medical issue by developing a 3D-printed design to solve the problem.

This year's theme has the teams as an EMT in an air ambulance, racing deep into the wilderness to save a friend who suffered a traumatic injury. No other details are known, but teams will have a state-of-the-art 3D printer on board to use during the flight.

The mission is to design a 3D-printable trauma kit for use in the field, complete with an array of common medical tools, equipment and surgical instruments. The entire kit must fit in a two-foot cube and be printable with no more than four different materials.

The challenge allows students to see the benefits of the technology. The winning team will receive Metro Community College Fellowships for 75 percent of prototype design coursework, which includes working with UNMC clinicians to design real medical devices.

Teams of Nebraska high school students (two to six members per team) are invited to participate in this free event. 3D-printing experience from at least one team member is preferred.

Request more event and registration information.

Additional support is provided by UNeMed, UNeTech, UNO Biomechanics and Metropolitan Community College Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology.


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