University employees granted leave for Friday, June 18

by Melissa Lee, University of Nebraska | June 18, 2021

Image with caption: Ted Carter, president of the University of Nebraska

Ted Carter, president of the University of Nebraska

University of Nebraska President Ted Carter has announced -- following President Joe Biden's signing of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, establishing June 19 as a legal public holiday, and Gov. Pete Ricketts declaring Juneteenth a state holiday in Nebraska -- that he is granting all regular university employees leave for Friday, June 18.

The University of Nebraska Human Resources Handbook for Policies states that "Regular employees may be granted. leave with pay in the event of. 'declared' holidays authorized by the U.S. President, Governor, and President of the University."

Designated essential personnel should continue to report and will be compensated as established by campus payroll policies and procedures. UNMC employees eligible for holiday leave will be granted Friday, June 18, as a day of "administrative leave."

Individuals who had planned to use vacation, compensatory leave, floating holidays or other leave statuses on Friday will not be required to do so. UNMC employees -- if required to work on June 18 -- will be paid for the time worked and also granted an additional day off. Contact your supervisor if you have any questions.

Nebraska Medicine will remain open and operational. Clinic and hospital functions also will continue as scheduled.