Vaccine stickers to be distributed

July 27, 2021

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Editor's note: The following was emailed Monday to all UNMC faculty, staff and students.

UNMC has both requirements and guidelines in place to protect our faculty, students and staff as well as the community we serve from COVID-19. Our clinical partners continue to report that many patients are asking about the vaccine status of their providers. This has been widely present across the U.S. health care delivery systems.

In response, Nebraska Medicine and many of our other clinical partners announced they are distributing ID badge stickers to individuals who are fully vaccinated. Since all UNMC students, faculty and staff must comply with the requirements at our clinical partner sites, UNMC also will be distributing unique ID badge stickers to individuals who are fully vaccinated and have their COVID-19 vaccination recorded in the Health Tracking System. This reinforces our commitment to the policies being utilized by our clinical partners to protect their patients and staff.

Who is eligible to receive a sticker?

Anyone who has a UNMC ID who is fully vaccinated and has their vaccination history recorded in the Health Tracking System.

How do I record my COVID vaccine in the Health Tracking System?

If you received both vaccines through UNMC/Nebraska Medicine, your information is already recorded. If you received one or both vaccines at another location, or are choosing not to receive the vaccine, you will need to enter the Health Tracking System to record this information. If you unsure of whether your information is recorded in the Health Tracking System, please log in to the Health Tracking System to verify that your information is complete, similar to the process used annually to obtain information about the influenza vaccine.

What if I don't wear a sticker?

You are not required to put this sticker on your badge. However, if you choose not to be vaccinated or to use the sticker, you will be expected to abide by the universal PPE guidelines of our clinical partner sites, which may require those who do not display a sticker to wear a mask at all times.

Are there places where I will still need to wear a mask even if I am vaccinated?

In special or unique situations, such as patient-facing and clinical simulation areas, individual colleges, institutes and departments may still require masks of all individuals, even those who are fully vaccinated and wearing the sticker.

When and how will I get my sticker?

Within the next three weeks, stickers will be mailed to your home using the address on file. If you do not receive your sticker, please contact the UNMC Office of Health Security at

Where should I place the sticker on my ID badge?

Place the sticker on your ID badge next to your photo or your name and credentials and on the opposite side from the magnetic stripe so as not to impair your ability to swipe your card.

Where can I get vaccinated?

You can find a location for vaccination near you at

Having a significant portion of our UNMC community vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and others and to guard against any spread of COVID-19. Please remember to update your COVID vaccination information in the Health Tracking System so that your college/unit administrator can distribute your sticker once you are fully vaccinated.

When do I need to wear a mask in hospitals and clinical facilities?

Masks will continue to be required for all students, staff, faculty and visitors in patient-facing areas within the hospitals and clinical facilities across all UNMC campuses at all times. UNMC mask mandates remain in effect for all individuals who are NOT fully vaccinated and must be worn at all times, including patient care areas and outside of patient care areas, such as classrooms and simulation areas.

How will new students or employees get a sticker?

Individuals new to UNMC who are fully vaccinated should log in to the Health Tracking System to record their vaccination status. A sticker will be mailed to their home and should arrive within three weeks.