Core Facility Focus - Protein Structure Core Facility

May 06, 2010

The Protein Structure Core Facility is one of several Core facilities available for use by UNMC researchers.

Core facilities, sometimes called shared resources, provide sophisticated, expensive technology and expertise that no single lab would have the financial resources to purchase and learn.

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Michele Fontaine is the manager of the Protein Structure Core Facility.
These fee-for-service resources help investigators maximize productivity by providing access to technologies, services and scientific consultation at a reasonable cost.

Core facilities also provide stability, reliability, cost-effectiveness and quality control that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Name: Protein Structure Core Facility

Location: 1050 Durham Research Center

Services offered:

  • Protein quantification by amino acid analysis;
  • N-terminal sequencing of proteins and peptides by Edman Degradation;
  • Enzymatic digestion of proteins and peptide separation by reverse phase HPLC; and
  • Determination of sites of protein phosphorylation by radioactive Edman degradation.

Featured equipement:

  • Procise 494 Protein Sequencer;
  • Hitachi L8800;
  • Amino Acid Analyzer; and
  • Magic 2000 HPLC.

Manager Contact Information: Michele Fontaine, or 559-6647