Lookin’ at U — Eric White

picture disc.Quick, think of five things others should know about you.

That’s the theme behind a new series in UNMC Today called “Lookin’ at U.”

Each Thursday, we will randomly select a medical center employee to feature.
And when we say random, we mean that we close our eyes, open the green employee directory and point at a name.

picture disc.

Eric White

We then e-mail that person and ask them to do the same thing we asked you to do at the top of this story.

This week, we feature Eric White, a graphic designer in UNMC Printing Services.
Here, in his own words, are five fun facts about Eric:

  • I work, my wife is a nursing student and my 2-year-old daughter goes to the Child Development Center — all right here on the UNMC campus. (YAY CARPOOLING!)

  • I bought my first comic book in 1982 and have been collecting ever since.

  • I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I recently figured out that I’ve watched “The Empire Strikes Back” (my favorite from the saga) more than 1,500 times.

  • During the day I’m a graphic designer … but in the evenings I’m an aspiring comic book artist. My online sketchbook can be seen here.

  • I’ve been known to karaoke “The Streak” by Ray Stevens from time-to-time.

Read UNMC Today next Thursday to see who is featured in the next Lookin’ at U article. Who knows — it could be U.