Lookin’ at U – Bob Huerta

picture disc.Quick, think of five things others should know about you.

That’s the theme behind a series in UNMC Today called “Lookin’ at U.” Each Thursday, we will randomly select a medical center employee to feature.

This week, we feature Bob Huerta, help desk analyst in ITS customer support services. Here, in his own words, are some fun facts about Bob:

picture disc.

Bob Huerta

  • Helpdesk Analyst in ITS for 10 years — best job yet! I love talking with customers and providing good customer service.
  • I’m a big Nebraska football fan and believe the program is back on track with no-nonsense coach Bo Pelini. We’ll have a physical football team this year. As Pelini has said: “Were not gonna be out there playing tag, I promise you that.”
  • I have been married for 28 years to the most wonderful person, Susie, psychiatry nurse. I guess that explains a lot. We love to go to the movies and the theater to see shows like “The Phantom of the Opera” and “The Lion King.”
  • My favorite TV shows are “24,” “Medium,” “Smallville” and “Monk.”
  • My daughter Angela graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and is working for a bank. My son, Tony, works here in UNMC Human Resources. Thanks to everyone who has worked with him and constantly tells me what a great young man he is — that makes a father proud.

Read UNMC Today next Thursday to see who is featured in the next Lookin’ at U article. Who knows — it could be U.