Lookin’ at U — Mary McAndrews

picture disc.Quick, think of five things others should know about you.

That’s the theme behind a series in UNMC Today called “Lookin’ at U.”

Each Thursday, we will randomly select a medical center employee to feature.

This week, we feature Mary McAndrews, office associate I in the department of family medicine.

Here, in her own words, are five fun facts about Mary:

picture disc.

Mary McAndrews

  • I love my Pomeranian dogs, which I have been breeding for more than three years. They are my pride and joy.

  • I create southwestern and holiday ceramics for local craft shows.

  • I’m looking into purchasing a kiln to produce high-fire pieces of jewelry and glass creations.

  • I graduated from the College of St. Mary with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts.

  • I have worked in the best department at UNMC (family medicine) for about 11 years.

Read UNMC Today next Thursday to see who is featured in the next Lookin’ at U article. Who knows — it could be U.