Santa stops at MMI

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Camper Cadie Albin shares a special moment with Santa Claus at the Munroe-Meyer Institute winter camp. For campers with special needs, this is often their only chance to sit on St. Nick’s lap.
While preparing for his yearly big trip, Santa Claus managed to spend some time at the Munroe-Meyer Institute on Monday.

Santa, also known as Billy Butler, visited children and young adults with disabilities attending the winter session of Camp Munroe.

Comments overheard during the jolly old elf’s visit included:

  • Camper to a staff member: “I told you Santa got my e-mail.”
  • Santa: “Now you kids remember you have lots of duties and responsibilities.”

    Camper: “YESSIR!”
  • Santa: “What do you want for Christmas?”

    Camper: “Money.”
  • Santa’s helper (Jim King): “Do you remember the year that great, big wrestler came to see you?”

    Santa: “Yes I do. I sat on his lap.”
  • Santa: “With a wink of his eye and the twitch of his head …

    Camper: “He said goodnight?”
  • Camper: “Merry Christmas, Santa! Bye bye. Thank you.”