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Library sees few changes in subscription list

Complete list

The complete 2010 list of titles added and cancelled is available on the library blog.

Despite continued journal price inflation, users of the McGoogan Library of Medicine will see relatively few changes in UNMC’s 2010 subscription list.

“Changes are largely positive with many more new subscriptions added than old ones cancelled,” said Nancy Woelfl, Ph.D., director of the McGoogan Library of Medicine.

She attributed the positive developments to:

  • The UNMC and University of Nebraska-Lincoln libraries joining forces to negotiate an advantageous, multi-year contract with Elsevier/Science Direct.
  • A number of UNMC partners providing support for subscriptions and databases to the benefit of the entire UNMC community. (See sidebar on the right.)

Vital support

The following organizations provided support to help the library maintain its 2010 journal subscription list:

  • INBRE (the Nebraska Idea Network for Biomedical Research Excellence);
  • The vice chancellor for research’s office,
  • The Chancellor’s Council;
  • The College of Medicine; and
  • The Nebraska Medical Center.

As per the agreement with Elsevier, UNMC was able to add on to its collection of the highly-used titles.

Also, UNMC and UNL now can share their Elsevier titles, which means UNL faculty, staff and students can access UNMC’s roughly 160 licensed titles and medical center users can access more than 400 titles licensed by UNL.

Questions regarding cancellations or additions should be directed to Mary Helms, associate director for library resources and technology, at or 559-7099.