Green U awardees announced

The recipients of this quarter’s Green U Awards have been recognized by their coworkers over the past quarter for their commitment to environmentally sound practices.

This quarter’s awardees were:

  • Waste Reduction: Philip Hexley & Vickie Smith
  • Innovation and Implementation: Anne Rivas
  • Volunteering: Saralyn Fisher
  • Education and Promotion: Julie Sommer

picture disc.

by Melanie Stewart

Philip Hexley received a Green U for his consistent recycling and for evaluating what items from his lab can be recycled. He even makes special trips to the fourth floor autoclave facility to recycle foil. As it turns out, he’s honest, too — he credits Vickie Smith in his lab for striving to reduce and recycle, he’s just following her lead. So this Green U goes out to both Philip and Vickie for leading the way for other labs to recycle, especially when it comes to plastic ware. This dynamic duo has set the bar high — anybody care to challenge them?

Do you recognize Saralyn Fisher’s name? You should — she’s just earned her third quarterly Green U award for volunteering. Given the number of Green U’s she’s earned, if you’ve been to a LiveGreen event, you should recognize her face, too. Saralyn has stepped up many times to help LiveGreen, in everything from big projects to little tasks. Either way we appreciate it. Thanks, Saralyn!

As long as we are talking about familiar names and faces, the winner of the Innovation & Implementation Green U for this quarter is Anne Rivas. Anne’s been helping out LiveGreen for quite some time, helping to pull events together, filling in whenever needed, and is responsible for most of the changes on the LiveGreen website. Given that LiveGreen would be nothing if we didn’t implement anything, Anne’s been responsible for a lot of LiveGreen’s success!

Not to be outdone, Julie Sommer also is receiving her third Green U, but this is her first for Education and Promotion. She has also set the individual record for Green U’s received in a quarter with six! Julie has been a huge help at countless LiveGreen events but has been instrumental in the campus’s certification as a Tree Campus USA. Speaking of that, this year’s Service Learning Project is coming up. Julie’s leading the charge to help save some trees that will be in the way of new construction while replacing some that were lost to weather or illness. Interested in helping? Email LiveGreen and we’ll get you details.

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