Speakers List for Emerging Infections Class

CPH 649 – Special Topics in Epidemiology: Emerging Infectious Disease for Fall 2015

10am-12noon   "Factors for Emergence of Microbial Threats" Ali S. Khan, M.D., MPH (UNMC, Dean of COPH; Rear Admiral-Retired, USPHS and former Assistant U.S. Surgeon General)

10am-11am   "Mathematical Approaches to EIDs" Ozgur Araz, Ph.D. (UNL; previously UNMC, COPH)

11am-12noon   "GIS Models and Surveillance for EIDs" Rex Cammack, Ph.D. (UNO, Dept. of Geography/Geology)

10am-11am   "Ecological Effects of Climate Change (as a Driver of Disease Emergence)" Craig Allen, PhD (UNL; U.S. Geological Survey, Nebraska Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Unit)

11am-12noon   "Global Climate Change and EIDs" David Corbin, Ph.D. (UNO, Emeritus Professor, Health Education and Public Health)

10am-11am   "AIDS: An Emerging Infectious Disease" Danstan Bagenda, Ph.D. (UNMC, COPH)

11am-12noon   "Tuberculosis: A Constantly Emerging Disease" Monirul Islam, M.D., Ph.D. (UNMC, COPH)

10am-11am   "Health Care-Associated Infections as an EID" Marvin Bittner, M.D. (Chief of  Infectious Disease, Omaha VA Medical Center / Creighton U. Medical School, Internal Medicine)

11am-12noon   "Antibiotic Drug Resistance & EIDs" Trevor Van Schooneveld, M.D. (UNMC, COM, Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease;  Medical Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship Program for Nebraska Medicine)

10am-11am   "Laboratory Capacity and EIDs" Peter C. Iwen, Ph.D. (UNMC, Pathology and Microbiology; Nebraska Public Health Lab)

11am-12noon   "PulseNet and Genome-based Surveillance" Paul Fey, PhD (UNMC,         Pathology and Microbiology)

10am-12noon   "Tabletop Exercise" – Case simulation exercise, prepared and moderated by Sharon Medcalf, Ph.D. (UNMC, COPH, Center for Biosecurity, Biopreparedness, and Emerging Infectious Diseases)

10am-12noon   "Biosurveillance" Louisa E. Chapman, M.D., MSPH (Centers for Disease     Control and Prevention, Atlanta; Senior Medical Officer and Epidemiologist; Captain, USPHS)

10am-11am   "Global Preparedness for Microbial Threats" Rebecca Anderson, JD, MS (UNMC, COPH)

11am-12noon   "Field Responses to Microbial Threats" Col. Ted Cieslak, M.D. (UNMC, COPH; formerly U.S. Army (Medical Corps), Fort Sam Houston, TX, and CDC)

10am-11am   "Ebola Virus" Philip Smith, M.D. (UNMC, COM-Internal Medicine/Inf. Disease)

11am-12noon   "Emerging Issues in STDs" Melissa Tibbits, Ph.D. (UNMC, COPH)

10am-11am   "Influenza: A Constantly Emerging Infectious Disease" Dr. Khan

11am-12noon   "Vector-borne Diseases: Dengue, Chik, & Others" tentatively Tom Safranek, M.D. (State Epidemiologist, Nebraska DHHS, Lincoln)

10am-11am   "Risk Communication for an Emerging Infectious Disease" Taylor Wilson (Nebraska Medicine/UNMC, Public Relations)

11am-12noon   "Food-borne Pathogens and Food Safety" John W. Linville, DVM, MPH (UNMC, COPH, Great Plains Public Health Leadership Institute; USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service, Office of Policy and Program Development, Omaha)

Topic(s) to be determined – possibly a current event in the public health consideration of emerging infections