Teaching Academy reaches major milestone

UNMC’s Interprofessional Academy of Educators will receive support from three separate funding streams: the Programs of Excellence, the Grissom Fund and the College of Medicine Alumni Association.

The Programs of Excellence (POE) initiative from the University of Nebraska provides funding to help elevate programs to a national level of recognition. The teaching academy has been awarded $150,000 for this fiscal year (2015-2016) and $300,000 for the next fiscal year and beyond.

“Receiving POE money for the academy is a phenomenal demonstration of support by the University of Nebraska for the importance of having faculty members who are dedicated to educational excellence, curricular innovation and peer mentoring to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students,” said Dele Davies, M.D., vice chancellor for academic affairs.

“This support lays the foundation for many years of great success for our current faculty and students and for those in the future who will come to UNMC as a direct result of the academy’s presence.”

The Grissom Fund for Exceptional Tomorrows has also pledged funds for the next two years and, through its support, aims to continue UNMC’s legacy of great educators — educators such as Robert Grissom, M.D., Fred Paustian, M.D., Merle Musselman, M.D., and others who were among the first clinical faculty at UNMC.

In addition, the College of Medicine Alumni Association will provide a one-year gift of $100,000 to assist the teaching academy in developing resources for primary care clinical preceptors and aid in leveraging the talent and skills of UNMC alumni.

John Lohrberg, M.D., president elect of the College of Medicine Alumni Association, said, “We believe the development of a teaching academy will enhance the education of medical students and be of value to those who teach medical students, whether they are part of the formal academic setting or volunteer alumni teaching in the community. We are enthusiastic about, and proud to support the academy.”

Fellow board member David Goldner, M.D., concurs.

“I am excited about the opportunity to support such an innovative and valuable new program at UNMC.”

Howard Liu, M.D., assistant vice chancellor for faculty development, said, “All of this support will allow us to create a community for educational innovation that is open to all our faculty, staff, students, alumni and clinical preceptors. The academy will ensure we give students a gold standard of teaching in every classroom and clinic.”