Lookin’ at U: Kelly Robertson

On Thursdays, we randomly feature a medical center employee. This week, we learn more about Kelly Robertson in the UNMC Office of Faculty Development.

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Kelly Robertson

  • Name: Kelly Robertson
  • Hometown: Columbus, Neb.
  • No. of years at UNMC: 12 years

Tell us a bit about what you do here at UNMC:

I’m part of the faculty development team. I help to coordinate development and leadership programs, new faculty onboarding events, and our online training resources. It’s an exciting place to work because every year brings different programs and challenges. We’re always trying to keep on top of what topics are of most interest to our faculty and update our resources accordingly. Nothing ever really happens the same way twice! I like how dynamic it feels.

Healing is one of our ITEACH values: Show the empathy you feel. Be selfless in caring for patients, one another and the community. Tell us of a time you witnessed this value at UNMC.

Although I don’t work in patient areas, I see healing on a daily basis at UNMC. It’s evident, even in our education-centered areas, when mentors ask about how someone is doing with their work/life integration, when interest groups encourage one another, and in the way we advocate for people in our community. We have a lot of healers at UNMC, and they come from every sector of the campus.

What is your favorite winter activity?

Is “staying inside and sipping a hot toddy” the wrong answer? I’m definitely a warm-weather girl, though. Winter and I just try to get along until spring comes and saves the day.

List three things people may not know about you.

  • I was a radio D.J. all through college, and did radio commercials as a child/teen.
  • Growing up, I had archery class after ballet. I was better at archery.
  • I love learning about space. I spent three days at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory with NASA Socials, learning about past and upcoming missions, straight from the scientists who built them. We also got to sit in mission control and watch them communicate with one of the Mars Rovers. It was unbelievably cool for this space nerd.
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